ISLA RUCA (named after my daughter) is a jewelry line I recently rebranded.  Handcrafting jewelry has been at the tips of my fingers for years now.  My love for handmade jewelry started off by creating designs for girlfriends and I to wear everyday. I am truly stoked to be doing something I absolutely LOVE doing.  


I find my passion in creating designs that are simple, easy to wear and a little piece of statement. This Newest collection is to let you feel the simplicity in everyday beauty.

 As for now, most of our designs are ONE OF A KIND and MADE TO ORDER. Meaning there is only one available at a time. Also made at the preferred length. If you need an extra inch or so added on, or taken off, just add it in the order and I would be glad to do so, at no extra cost. 

Wholesale is definitely available, please send me an email!

  I hope these pieces complete your everyday style. Thank you for all your support and following my journey as I cant wait to share more with you!

                 PHOTO CREDITS

            Thank you to my amazing photographer